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Customer Service

Customer Service

Hi everyone, my name is Jill. My place at Valentine CPA is right up front, at the reception desk. It’s the perfect place for me, because I really like people. Ron has asked me to write a little blog describing my philosophy concerning customer service.

My mom was an avid gardener, and her skills at coaxing flowers out of rocky Idaho soil are legendary. As kids we learned at her side to weed and water and nourish those tiny little plants into waist high columbines, or peonies the size of dinner plates. I won’t lie; I didn’t like it much at the time. But, as I grew, those skills blossomed and blessed my family and me many times over. Mom was the same way with people, she would go quietly about, caring for those around her, nourishing here, watering there, but most of all..loving. And this I learned as well.

Clients certainly do come in all shapes and sizes, all temperaments and needs. For me, that is the key, to see each person as an individual, someone who is worthy of my time and attention. Many of our clients are in a hurry, on a strict schedule, efficiency being the guiding factor in our interaction; while other folks may just need a listening ear, someone who will take a moment to really hear what they are saying. But, everyone merits my best smile and the opportunity to hear me speak their name with warmth and genuine concern. Even our mailman, who is the greatest, gets a special greeting each morning.

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